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How to cure low sperm count

Low sperm count is one of the leading causes of male impotency, amongst decreased sperm motility, poor quality sperm or even absence of sperms in semen.
Even if there are millions of sperm that get ejaculated with every male orgasm, only approximately 200 manage to reach the ovum that is found in the woman's fallopian tubes. Furthermore, of those hundreds only a single one gets to prang up the egg. Medically called oligospermia, low sperm count means that there are less than 20 mn/millilitre of semen. These, added to the quality and motility of the sperm bring man infertility. Another factor that causes infertility is represented by age, as by years pass, fertility increases. Generally, fertilization rates are over 60 for below forty men, and tend to halve after this age.

There are many biological and external causes that lead to low sperm count, such as: anxiety, emotional, over-exposure to heat. An unhealthy lifestyle, fulfilled with stressful moments and daily bothering issues may contribute to sperm quality. Working in high temperatures conditions, taking very hot baths, sauna, wearing too tight clothes (underwear especially) or even holding your laptop on your lap, all of those contribute to testicular overheating that ultimately affect sperm's quality. That is why psychological health should be attentively taken care of even when it comes to fertility problem.

Another decisive factor for low sperm count is represented by cycling, as during this activity male scrotum may suffer because of the temperature that decreases or because that it can get numb. Emotional stress and some psychological issues may markedly lead to low sperm count. Furthermore, vices like alcohol and smoking seriously attack sperm count, and that is why keeping away from them could really help you cure this disorder. It has been proved that tobacco damages the sperm's DNA and redounds to infertility. Also, narcotic drug consumption may cause low sperm count.In order to solve this problem, try to avoid: unhealthy food (junk and caned food especially), tight undergarments, exposure to heat and emotional stress. Low sperm count can be also tackled by taking aphrodisiac supplements and various medications. There are many ways to increase low sperm count and its quality.  Supplements as Asparagus, Shulajit, Ashwaghandha, and Mucuna, used on a regular basis may help increasing sperm count. Also there are many Natural increase low sperm count pills can solve this issue fast and with no side-effects

Maintaining a good body health and weight added to supplement of the amount of multivitamins your body gets may also be beneficial for overcoming low sperm count. Also adequately exercising daily and taking care of your general health will do best for curing this disease. However, if men suffer from Azoospermia (medical term for the lack of sperm production, used when men don’t produce sperm at all) there are just a few remedies. To sum up, sperm insufficiency can be treated if there is willingness and perseverance. 

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