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Hair loss and its related problems. Causes and treatments for men

Hair loss problems can be a real nightmare for both men and women, but more often, men suffer more from hair loss and baldness. Medically called “Androgenic Alopecia”, hair loss starts to affect men generally after puberty, at any moment. Starting with this moment, men’s hair becomes thinner, the lack of the hair being more visible on the crown of the head.

Since hair problems act different on men and women, the necessary treatment it not the same for both. There are some hair loss remedies used by men which can severely affect women’s health. Such treatments can affect pregnant women and their baby, or might even cause hair growth on parts of women body where there is usually not so much hair, or, where women do not like to have hair( like on their body or on their faces). That’s why hair loss treatment should be followed with medical approval since not any remedy can suit your problem.  There are also some special treatments for men which solve baldness but come along with unpleasant side effects like impotency or lack of sexual desire. 

Some other pills were sometimes used to treat high blood pressure but nowadays they come as a solution for hair loss. This is why a god talk to your doctor is absolutely necessary before starting to treat baldness. If you do not want to cause yourself more problems, do not follow a medication without prescription.
But what causes hair loss in men? Well, the main reason is the level of Dihydro testosterone in men’s scalp, a substance which causes the development of sexual characteristics. The dihydro testosterone is usually attached to hair follicle, acting like a barrier between nutrients and hair. This way, your hair becomes thinner and starts to fall.

But, as we all know, to prevent is always easier than treating a health problem. For this purpose, many products now available on the market offer some solution to hair loss. One of the ingredients preventing it is called palmetto and it is contained by many hair loss solutions.

You can also try products like hair energizers, used also by women without any side effects. These energizers can be bought like a kit containing shampoo, hair oil, spray and pills. All of them, acting together can be a really helpful hand in preventing this nightmare called baldness that can destroy your social life.  So, try to be more careful when it comes to your hair, prevent hair loss, or if it’s too late and your hair already starts falling, see a specialist to help you fix this problem. Do not forget that is not so difficult to find a solution as long as you follow the right treatment. 

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