joi, 16 februarie 2012

Kids are having problems in losing weight

A recent CNN articles points out that young kids have big probles in losing weight. The idea is based on a research made with both kids and parents. One of the main cause is, as you can imagine, fast-foods. Many youngsters, after they finish the school, are going with their colleagues at McDonalds or KFC for having lunch. Not going is a sign of not being part of the group, a fact which created them significant social problems.

Here you can find the article!

miercuri, 8 februarie 2012

Impressive moments to be spent- Bilbao match

Yesterday I was happy to watch a brilliant football match between Bilbao and Mirandes which ended with 6-2. Llorents was again brilling like always scoring 2 goals. The amateurs from Mirandes were as weak as the betting odds thought so scoring 2 goals was a big surprise. I will put the video of the match :

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vineri, 3 februarie 2012

Nothing gonna change my love for you- the night is calm

We are moving everyday trying to make more money, to work better, to make more friend, eat, drink, sleep and so on. Unfortunately we forget something very important, to dream and to meditate. We forgot to be so humans and we continue to work like today is our last day of being alive. This melody is very relaxing so enjoy it:

I think we should meditate more on who we are, from where we come and where we go. It will help a lot
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