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Main theories on penis enlargement

It is well know that not all men have a big penis, and since lately medical research show that penis enlargement is possible, many men start to take into consideration such action, and they are even willing to spend their earning on procedures like that. But, before you decide to take such an important step, be aware of some advice to follow. Since penis enlargement is a good and effective procedure only if it’s properly made, here you have below some information about it:

First of all, the easiest step you can follow is to remove your pubic hair. It is well known that hair removal can make your penis look bigger, so trim your hair before starting the enlargement exercises. Also, if you are wearing traction device, pubic hair is often in the way of the exercises good results.

Then, after you start the training, keep in mind to not exaggerate with the exercises. Be patient and do not expect to see better result if you perform more than one session of exercises daily, or if you take more pills. Exercising more will not guarantee you better result because the penis tissue needs time to recover after each session. If you exaggerate you will only manage to exhaust the tissue, without any other positive results.

Also, try to not measure the results too often, since the tissue needs time to recover. You will not be able to see the results as quickly as you expect to, and you will probably be disappointed. One measuring per month will be enough for you in order to see some results.
Another aspect to keep in mind is avoiding sex after workout. At least one hour after the exercises should be offered as a rest time to your penis. If you want your penis to recover well and to heal, it is essential to wait a little. After exercising, any part of your body need some rest, this meaning also the sensitive area.

Last but not least, try to be consistent in your enlargement practice. Even if you are performing exercises or just wearing an enlargement device, try to stick to a strict program and do not give away quickly. The result will not appear immediately but you will certainly see major improvements if you are patient. As a supplement to such treatments, you can also count on herbal penis enlargement pills, containing ingredients which help your penis to cure faster after the workout. With determination and a keen look on the healing process you will be able establish a pattern suitable to your needs. Choose the herbal penis enlargement pills since they are natural remedies, with no side effects on your body. Good luck!

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