marți, 15 februarie 2011

Urination and over masturbation

Have you heard about the risks of over masturbation?  It some cases, it can happen to discharge semen during urination, due to the prostate gland. Such problems need to be treated in proper time, in order to avoid complications. Since prostate gland produces 2/3 of total ejaculation, after excessive masturbation, and when the gland needs to produce fluid too often, the prostate can face swellings.  So, keep in mind this risk and watch out how masturbation can affect you and your health.

A more dangerous masturbation technique is to prolong the discharge of masturbation in succession, and this is when, due to the excitement without ejaculation, the prostate gland become irritated and passes semen after urination, along with pain and discomfort.  People with rich sexual imagination  who get excited very quickly, are exposed to another risk: fast excitement without ejaculation can cause buildup of fluid in the prostate gland and the fluid found there will pass out with urine, cause urinary infections. This is why patients with such problems face burnings sensations during urination, which occurs because of the fluid in the prostate which oozes up and stays in the urinary tract. But how often is too much when it comes to ejaculation? This depends to the body’s tolerance, but most of the time, 1-2 ejaculations per week are considered to be safe for your health. Same solutions are used for natural combat premature ejaculation pills

For those of you who face problems like this here you have some lifestyle advices in order to improve your sexual health. First of all, try to take a long bath to times a week and relax. Then, avoid too spicy food, gas forming foods and avoid also constipation. You can also face problems if you seat on a chair for many hours or in case of driving a vehicle for a long time. But, the best way to help yourself  is to reduce the number of masturbation, to adopt a healthy sexual behavior, mentally but also physically. Do not neglect this problem because it can cause you serious health issues. You can also get some help from the special herbal supplements available on the market, which can treat your prostate problems, the ones caused by excessive masturbation.

So each time you face prostate problems, think about which could be the causes and start treating them as soon as possible. The safest and the most practical way to find a remedy is to see a doctor in order to obtain a personalized treatment. 

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